Web Design

Web sites that overload the user with too many menus, drop downs, clickable buttons, and interactive graphics do not succeed as well as clean, simple, direct pages. The reason: Information Overload. It is no different than a person’s inability to choose a new cereal at the supermarket or pick an entrée from an extensive menu. We know this all too well and are very familiar with the effects of information overload on potential clients. Some of the most popular web pages are, not coincidentally, simply designed. Consumers who visit web pages go there to learn about the organization or to go to a specific aspect of the site, such as for purchases or scheduling. We strive to cut down the visual disturbance that could potentially sidetrack web traffic and bring well-designed, fresh, visually attractive pages to the market.

Responsive Web Design

A responsive layout contracts and expands to the screen size your visitors. That means whether they are on a phone, desktop computer, or tablet, your site will keep a look that amazing look. Yes, we build these all the time!

Our Process

When we discuss web design, the most important component of the client/customer relationship is to bring the vision of the desired web page to the market. Our owner and designers meet with key staff members directly to learn about this vision, gather information for content, graphics, and custom pictures, and provide the blueprint for the actual website. From there we do what we do best, organizing the pages in the appropriate formats, coordinating visuals, colors, and images, as well as implementing the site’s own URL and email. Just as important is search engine optimization, a process which allows your website to be seen closest to the top of the popular search string on various browsers like Google and Bing. These techniques involve eliminating redundant code strings, testing load times, and linking media to your site for greater exposure. We try to keep everything simple, even our web design process. Our process will make sure your website communicates perfectly, achieves all of your goals, and launches in the most timely and cost-efficient way.

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About us

Graphic Terrace is a design group based in Milwaukee, WI. We provide website design, search engine optimization, print, and brand strategies for businesses.
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