At Graphic Terrace, the creative process that builds your brand starts with listening.
It’s fueled by experience and talent. And it brings the results you need.

We take what we hear, call forth our creativity, and employ solid marketing know-how to provide creative
strategies that promote your unique brand. And help make your organization’s goals a reality. Here’s how.

Exceeding Expectations

At Graphic Terrace, exceeding your expectations is always job one. From logo design to full marketing campaigns, from website design and development to social media creation and implementation, we work hard to learn and help you clarify your marketing goals. Then we work even harder to make your goals a reality.

How do we know it works? We don’t just create magic, we measure what we do. Website visits, social media hits, phone calls, warm bodies through your door – our clients’ marketing success is verifiable.

Clean, Cool Design

Our design team starts each project by invoking the fundamentals of great design: the left brain, a pencil and a sketch pad. It’s so basic, so beautifully old-school and, for us, so what we’re all about.

Imagine the sketching process as the time of concentration, imagination, inspiration and brilliance. When the seeds of creativity begin to burst forth.

Compelling Copy

We’re designers and web developers. That’s our expertise. Yet your site needs to speak to your audience. With words. Words that intrigue. Words they can hear. Words that move them, just like the fabulous photography and clean design they’re woven through.

Hear that? That’s copy that catches the reader’s ear. That’s what our copywriters do.

Incredible Photography

Pictures that pop. Images that enlighten. Shots that work. That’s what you want on your site. That’s what we deliver.

Our photographers are carefully chosen for their technical expertise and experience, but even more than that, for their incredible eye. Capturing a moment, evoking a memory, and creating a masterpiece is an art.

Making beautiful design and communication work for business is a science.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Good organic search engine optimization doesn’t just happen. Gaining popularity on the web for your content is a science that requires constant work and attention.

Graphic Terrace’s process insures your website is seen closest to the top of the search string on browsers like Google and Bing. We target your most viable avenues to gain traction for your site in subtle yet effective ways. Whether it’s including press release-type content, blogs, acquiring links or building social media, we focus on the most solid methods of strengthening your SEO.

We do a bang-up job on pay-per-click (PPC) campaign management as well. PPC is key for offering potential customers a jump ahead in the search area by letting them see you first during browser searches. Clicking on an advertisement increases the exposure of your site and drives traffic to areas that you want your customers to see. It’s a great tool to use against competitors who secure only a traditional customer base, even with a web site.